Monday, December 29, 2014

Courier Post---is it always worth using online shopping and 'courier services?

No Doubt some of you have seen the clips of a NZ courier driver and his mates, 'handling goods' to be delivered, some of which were clearly labelled, 'Fragile,' being chucked and kicked around. The response was one of anger and derision of the Courier Post service. Hopefully, it was an isolated incident, but people did put up online the results of the same service and it did not make for 'pretty reading!' There is another aspect to shopping online. That in itself is an easy experience but it is the delivery that can be frustrating, leaving one with a sense of, 'Why did I bother!' Yes they 'try to deliver the parcel, but hey---do we have to stay around in order to sign for it? I usually do not mind if they just leave it on the deck, but I hear that the 'sender is often the one who demands the 'sign for' service. That means one has to be around to do this and who is going to know when they are coming? Sure---you can 'track' that the goods are in transit, but that is a very inexact science. They do not have the time or the will to say that they are near your house. The 'window delivery slot,' can be many hours. I wonder if it would simply be more efficient of one's time, to just go to the shops and get your 'stuff' in person. OH well-- where is that courier driver? Thank goodness, the items are 'soft clothes, that don't mind being chucked around.

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