Wednesday, December 17, 2014

If North Korea can mount a 'cyber attack' as witnessed in the last few weeks, then--------

Should we be worried about the effectiveness of the cyber attack, mounted by North Korea? Does this episode represent a new level of threat from this 'rogue state?' Is it possible that an even more deadly from of attack cold be launched from behind the border separating the two Koreas? Perhaps the 'kick in the butt' to Sony is a timely reminder that the possibilities re bringing some of the Hollywood scenarios re cyber war are perhaps more real than we would like. The USA and other economies and industrial complexes will be looking very carefully into the robustness of their 'protection' re their respective 'empires.' If the fears of those in the 'firing line' of the 'Dear Leader's anger are realized then, we are in for rather interesting and unstable times---or---a response from the USA and 'friends' will be forthcoming---real soon. Does that not point to the need for real communication between nations? The 'net' has shown us that the world is indeed shrinking! Or---put it another way----is the 'Net' the big 'leveller?'

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