Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Australia has been 'prodded' by recent events but it has brought out a 'good side' too!

We should have no doubts that there exists a true Australian 'spirit.' We see it on the sports field and in times of war, often with New Zealand taking a share when our journeys converge. What we are witnessing 'post' the hostage situation in Sydney with its sad culmination, is an example of a nation prodded when things go wrong. One should never underestimate this Australian quality. They do so at their peril. Put aside the Trans-Tasman rivalry or the jokes that emanate from both sides of the 'Ditch; forget about the 'sheep jokes' thrown NZ's way---believe that we are almost one when the 'other' is threatened. On the scale we are witnessing re the terrible events in Syria and the Middle East, perhaps the week is a small scale affair, but rest assured, Australia has awaken to a very real threat and hopefully they do not take matters too far. What has happened must be handled with care and an overreaction must not occur. That a young woman started a #tag re 'walking with you,' shows a softer more reasoned response than what could easily have been a very negative reaction. The Aussie spirit has indeed followed the Sydney deaths, and the future will prove that this will always occur. At the same time, Australia is saying to the world, that they will not let one madman or any group wishing to impose a foreign set of values on the Australian nation ever succeed. You on ya mates!

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