Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We can be pretty sure that readers in China will not read this!

The i.3 billion people of China know very little of events in Hong Kong. The celebrations re the founding of the new china are not mirrored in Hong Kong; indeed it is hard to find a Chinese flag anywhere near the demonstrators flooding the streets of HK. It is not that they hate China, but they do demand that China stops it 'control' of the election of a HK Government, that candidates for the elections that have been planned for 2017 are not 'vetted ' by Beijing. In a sense, China is ion a difficult position. it seems clear that they are concerned that the HK 'contagion' could spread to other areas, especially in the rich south and at the other extreme, the 'wild wild west' of China, where different ethno/religious groups are also demanding a alternate pathway. The mainly young people of Honk Hong have so far acted in an exemplary manner re their espousal of their ambitions; their demands are quite simple. They are calling for the Beijing backed leader to step down. They have not rioted, destroyed property and have even apologised for any mess they have made, before cleaning it up. This calmness could all change if Beijing changes tact and lets the PLA units deal to the protestors. One has the feeling that such a point is about to be reached. What will the rest of the world do if this happens? Nothing, other than words. Who would be prepared to offend the massive economy of China; one that is now crucial to the balance that exists between East and west. Sure, there will be mass demonstrations outside Chinese embassies around the world if the PLA shows its hand, but China will be able to turn back the aspirations of the people of HK, just like they did many years ago in Tiananmen Square. Yes, there will be outbursts of anger throughout China's bigger cities, because it is almost impossible for the Government to completely block all news coming out of HK. The response will be harsh and for the most part go unobserved by news media outlets. For China, the events in HK, are crucial to the continuance of the hold the Communist Party and its rich 'backers' have on power. It is hardly about to allow the growth of individual freedom and the expression of a different pathway, other than that controlled by the CP to gain ground in this massively diverse and complicated nation. The 'modern day emperors' will have their way and the 'peasants will retreat to try another day! One last point: Is the USA any different? The 'Occupy Wall Street' movement was also doomed to failure when it came up against the 'powers' behind the Government.

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