Friday, October 10, 2014

UK---do you want to be part of Europe?

OK, I'm a Kiwi with English and Scottish forefathers so I claim that such a pedigree gives me a right to comment on what could be happening in the UK. And what is that, you say? Well from 'down-under,' it looks like you lot 'over there' have this desire to re-design yourselves; as what yet, is a b it unclear. The land of 'hedge groves' and country lanes still exists, although you seem to be doing your best to pull out the latter in the name of efficient farming. Hey, give up on that one---we have that to a tee down here in new Zealand so don't worry too much---we will keep sending you the best of Kiwi! The UK is way more 'cosmopolitan' than the land my 'relatives' left a century and a half ago; some say that is good whilst others have a different opinion. There are those amongst you who would go to great endeavours to take the UK back to the days of 'Rule Britannia,' and others who would like to change the face of Britain for their reasons.In between the great mass who just want to get on with their lives. Of course the UK today is part of a European Union, a huge market that also has an 'over-riding parliament;' the very one that more and more UK citizens are taking umbrage with. Just how far this movement is prepared to go to achieve the 'Island fortress' of times gone by, is a question that even the mainstream political parties are now placing in the public debating forums. The very recent election results, both for the European Parliament and the UK one are showing some 'interesting' trends. Is the UK about to 'jump ship?' What would that mean for the UK economy? Would 'Mother England' look to its former colonies to rebrand itself as our major trading partner? Too late for that dear Mummy! We have long since become a worldly member of the greater family of nations. So-----what to do, UK? The choice is yours and I suspect that the 'stiff upper lip,' non-emotional nuance you formerly projected may have gone the same way that the glory of your past went==consigned to the annals of history. Face up, fess up---take your pick. It is your decision and I suspect that you will adapt as you have always done and no politician should make that decision for you, because that would be serving their purposes, not those of my dear heart--that was and still is, the UK!

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