Friday, October 10, 2014

Is China easing up re 'social media?' Of course--'one swallow doesn't make a summer!'

I was most [pleased to see that China was back---reading my blog today---well, OK, one reader was. I thought---is China allowing access to social media again? maybe the 'powers that be' are checking the 'content' of my blog. Perhaps I better not say anything about how Beijing is determined to stay stubbornly to it's policy of 'vetting the candidates for the election in Hong Kong in 2017.Perhaps they are now confident that the students and freedom loving people of Hong Kong have vented their displeasure at the heavy handedness of Beijing, to the point that the streets will empty and people will return to their daily grind of making a living or going to classes. Chinese leadership has always been known for its 'patience.' Or---so much is happening re the Ebola crisis in West Africa and the daily horrors we hear about in the ISIS versus the Kurds---maybe these issues have taken the heat off China. Then again, will the world care if China decides to 'put things right,' in Hong Kong? Either way, I welcome back my Chinese readers and having said nothing that would offend the leaders of China, I am sure access will be granted to my ranting. Perhaps I can concentrate on the glorious activities of Mr Putin or the absence of the 'dear leader' in North Korea. My---the world is such an 'interesting place!'

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