Sunday, October 12, 2014

Crossing the road is fraught with danger, if you are a ------?

< It’s very early in the morning and one is not quite up to the early beginnings, after having had a nice break. Being on the road, driving with the lights on in that time when it’s not quite light but neither is it dark, presents some interesting challenges. Still, one must carry on and drive carefully in the hope that arriving at work will be an occasion that sets the scene for the rest of the working year. I set off down the road, almost immediately to be confronted with a strange but somewhat intriguing scene. I was not driving in a manner reminiscent of the previous days Bathurst sporting event; no I was being ultra-careful, because I knew that kids would be on the road, as it is the first day of the school term. Maybe you are expecting me to denounce some silly half-asleep teenager, riding like they have their head somewhere else, but certainly not on the here and now! You would be wrong---hey it’s way too early for one of that ilk to be out and about, unless they are one of those kids who travel to the other side of the city to attend the school of their choice. As I turned into the first bend on the road, I was confronted by a curious scene. A car on the other side of the road had stopped and I immediately sought the reason for the actions of that driver. There it was, or more accurately, there they were! A lady jumped out of the passenger side of the car and I pulled to a stop to match her and to make sure I didn’t run over the reason for the ‘stoppage’, which was now increasing as more and more cars slowed down and ‘rested.’ There was no tooting of impatient drivers, no loud utterances from angry mouths, just an acceptance of something special; the good parenting and support from a human for a family of ducks; ducks just wanting to get to the other side of the road. The lady guided them across and traffic slowly continued on in a measured manner, many of the drivers with a smile that said much. Hey folks, slow down sometimes and take stock! We all need to ‘cross that road.’ Happy term, all teachers!

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