Sunday, October 12, 2014

Canada is reading my blogs now---great! Please share this blog.

I am most pleased that Canada is amongst those nations reading my blogs. Why---because my best mate comes from there, but we now claim him as a Kiwi. NO doubt his family and friends in the 'big country' on the other side of the Pacific wil dispute that but hey---we can share him, just like we have many other points of similarity between the two nations.I would love to visit Canada, particularly BC,a region that has even more in common with NZ. Com,e on over, you say my Canadian friends! Sure I reply--all it would take is for a few hundred thousand of you to download my book, ROSKILL, and I would be there in a flash. I would even come with my mate, who is returning in the Xmas Holidays. You can achieve the latter by going to my website and follow the link at the bottom of the page. You can either buy the hard-copy or download the Ebook version. If you buy the hard-copy you get a free download. See oyu at Xmas eh.

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