Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nicky Hager tells it as 'he' sees it. Is there 'smoke?'

Are you good at interpreting ‘body language? Can you see behind the smiles of people when they are confronted with an ‘allegation?’ Well, you had your chance to test yourself over the past few days when you watched the news items re Nicky Hager’s allegations that ‘something stinks on the state of ‘Keydom.’ Nicky says that he has thousands of emails from various members of Key’s Government and its stooges that implicate the national party in some rather nasty machinations to discredit its opponents. Of course those who are the focus of such underhanded goings on will try to deflect the argument onto the fact that these emails were ‘stolen.’ Maybe that is a moot point given that the very same complainants have allegedly stolen ‘stuff’ from those they are attacking. OK, back to the body language. Did not Colins, Key and his blogger ‘babe,’ Slater plus the National party hack at Key’s side, look ab it like a possum, caught in the lights of a speeding car? They looked like they had just been caught with their hands on the cookie jar. Any parent, jilted lover, speeding driver, knows that look. They feel the guilt as it displays that ‘knowing’ aura. It’s in the eyes, or the way the person moves—it’s all there for the world to see. Not enough to convict the stooges, you say. Of course it isn’t. We are going to have to wait to hear more and that will come out in the reactions of those accused of the ‘dirty politics.’ They will go on the attack but they have failed to realize that Nicky Hager is hardly likely to go to bat on such serious allegations without checking very carefully with his legal team. He has done his homework and all the protestations and usual clap-trap we are going to hear from National Party and their friends, is nothing more than ‘being caught with their pants down. They have and will be truly ‘done over’ in the run up to the election. What does this mean for the said event on the 20th of September? Probably a ‘game changer;’ maybe even enough to sink National’s chances, but only if those stimulated into the ‘pissed-off’ camp, get out and vote. Hell, we are g-hearing that many thousands of under 30’s have not even registered to vote! I say---get off your butts, stop complaining about things ‘being bad,’ and have your say---otherwise---shut up! NIcky---I hope you keep to your path and have a hard hide for what is about to come your way. It will not be pretty! BUT—you have your supporters!

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