Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nicky Hager does it again!

Here we go again. We have seen Nicky Hager publishing a book, just before an election that brings up possible election type hype that could influence the outcome of the looming election. He did it with Helen Clark’s Government and from both sides of the divide. We had an indication that he was up to something and that was probably because he wanted the maximum exposure for the launch of his latest book. There was a good deal of conjecture about what the subject matter was and to give Nicky credit, he was able to keep it under wraps and when it did come out, there were many surprized faces. He claims he did this because he wanted to avoid any legal ramifications that could have stalled the launch. Now that we know the thrust of the book is about the dirty politics of the National Party and how their ‘dog,’ Cameron Salter has been used to attack anyone who is against John Key’s Government, we are going to see a response. That action will ferment and break in a number of ways. Key will deny all knowledge of the dirty tricks and his cohorts will react by going on the attack. Slater will come back with ‘his version’ of the truth and it will be on---big time. The emails that are included in the book, if true paint a picture of ‘power’ in its ugliest form. The nasty comments made about the residents of Christchurch should be enough to take away any support for the Government in the region. Over the next few days and weeks leading up to the election, there will be red faces and the only way to counteract the claims made by Hager in his book, will be more of the same from their side. Expect absolute filth to come out on individual opposition members. Expect a major denigrating of KDC and David Cunliffe. Expect lies and more lies, all in the name of retaining power at all costs. I am not saying that everything in Hager’s book is correct but if even part of it turns out to be factually based then we are in for a torrid election campaign. The issues that really matter, like jobs, health, education, the environment and others, are going to be pushed into the background, but the issues raised by Hager, must be addressed too. If we have leaders who are prepared to go to the extent that Hager claims they have, then New Zealand is becoming a very ‘sorry place to live.’ The belief that we live in some sort of paradise is going to be sorely tested! I shall wait and see, listen and come to my own conclusion; once met I shall make it very clear. Yes, I favour the left block, but I am also a believer that no one ‘belief system has all the answers. Call me a ‘fence sitter, call me pragmatic—but I do believe that everyone should contribute and not stay locked into the belief that ‘their way provides all the answers. Has Nicky Hager done us a favour? Toe will tell---and that will be soon! It is those of you who are genuinely sitting on the fence, who will deice the outcome of this election. Make sure you seek the truth behind Nicky Hager’s claims and then act accordingly. Have your say on Election Day!

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