Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kim Dot Com tells all but won't front for interview! Pam reacts!

There were two Party launches in the weekend, one for National and the other for the Internet Mana collaboration party. National’s was pretty much as expected with an ‘offering’ to first home buyers that may or may not hit the mark. Of course Labour and other opposition parties will tell us how it is just ‘more of the same.’ I won’t go on about National; they have heaps to keep them busy with no doubt more dirt about to come out on various actions they are alleged to have been involved in re ’dirty politics.’ It was KDC and co. who took the limelight. First the ‘gentle German’ told all as he explained his hacking skills to the doting audience. Yes, he was proud of his ‘hacking skills; after all he claims responsibly for destroying the reputation of some German leader, a skill that he wishes to emulate here, based on his hacking skills. After such an outrageous claim one would expect the media to want a slice of the pie, time wise, once the other ‘stuff’ was out of the way. Enter ‘Pam, the lady with attitude, one that takes no prisoners, decided to drag the focus back to the point of the ‘launch---party policies. No such luck! The press wanted KDC…..he, the father and financier of the’ joined at the hip parties,’ was the target for their questions, not the politicians who would actually influence things in Parliament , if they ever get there. OH no---the media scrum couldn’t have given a stuff about such mere details as policy. It was KDC or nothing! Pam reacted as she has shown before. She does not suffer ‘fools and horses. NO--- this race was not going to be about her boss---KDC. Basically she rounded on the waiting mass of media people and told them off in no uncertain terms. She swore at them. I don’t care about that. O just point out that wherever the big man goes he is always going to be in the centre of the scrum, no matter how good the ‘policies are. He, is going to be the magnet—right up until the Americans get their ‘evil’ way and ‘transport’ him back to the good old US of A to face charges for his alleged misdemeanours, ones that will see him safely ‘away’ for a great many years. So---of course we want to hear from him now---while we still have him---and his assets to pay for this play party! Pity though—because I really like many of their policies. If only they could get them across without the ‘piper playing the tune. BUT----- let’s face it---do no the other main parties have their ‘influences, ones who fill their party coffers, so who am I to sit in a ‘holier than thou’ seat? From whence such forces come from or who they represent, has always been a point of argument-----all in the name of political convenience. The roadshow will continue and the personalities will play out on stage and in the media. Roll on September 20th!

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