Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kaos cafe in Pukekohe---fun and faboulous, darlings!

If you are one of those people who think that Pukekohe is just a 'hick town,' in the boondocks south of Auckland then I pity you. Sure it had a less than a 'hip' label not so long ago and even some unfortunate history re certain aspects of its distant past but if you visited the town now, you could well be----no you WILL be in for a pleasant surprise. The main 'drag' is better than most towns in provincial New Zealand and one hell of a lot better than those strip-shopping streets that once passed for 'the' main street in suburban Auckland. Those have unfortunately succumbed to the 'same as, same as,' shopping malls where if one closed his or her eyes and then opened them, well you could be in any city in many countries of the world re their 'un-uniqunesscity.' We visited the 'town' yesterday, on a sunny Saturday morning and took a tour of the 'market,' just off the main street. I managed to purchase a hat, some wonderful Turkish hair product, based on olives, from a friendly lady from South Africa, who proudly told men that she had just become a NZ Citizen. How could I not buy from such a positive addition to the New Zealand family? Wandering around a market with a jack Russell who wanted to be off the leash to create havoc meant that we needed to refuel and give her a chance to help me eat some brunch. My cousin lives in this fair town and she 'knew' where we were headed---to the Kaos Café, one that had moved a few years ago from another small town, just down the road in Tuakau. One of the positives of these smaller towns away form Auckland is the fact that you can get easy parking---=a real plus when you are laden with 'produce and facing the possibility of needing to put misbehaving pooches back in the car! That was not necessary however, as Perdy associates going to cafes and getting her chance to compete with me re the intake of lovely food. Staying in the car was not on so we claimed two tables, put them together and waited in the glorious sun until one of the waiters came to take out orders and of course bring water for the Perdy-girl. The coffees came and the 'boss,' came to check how we were. I have to say that his staff and he in particular has a way that transforms an establishment into 'something else. 'Take the standard of the food, the size if the Texas' portions and the quality as a ---well 'that's how it is here folks,' and add in his personality and you have a 'show.' He 'gives,' you 'take,' and be prepared to 'give a bit more back.' He is wonderfully over-the-top and for a town that has not been known for its acceptance of 'diversity,'---well they have been educated and I very much doubt that the townspeople of Pukekohe' would ever want to go back to the boring old ways. Kaos is just that, but in the most entertaining of ways. I can't wait to come back on a Friday night when they have $10 dinners and if you throw in the fun aspect with the good value food---you have 'bliss.' Good one, Kaos. PS---I thought I had taken pictures of the 'boss,' in his funny hat, but I was laughing so much, I forgot to push the button---I think mine were being 'pushed!'

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