Friday, July 11, 2014

Snippets from NZ this weekend!

I didn't want to go out at all this nasty Saturday, but of course I did! I took 'you know who,' out for a quick perusal of things on the par; not the Bay in Onehunga but the one near where I purchase my coffee beans in MT Eden. In shall be posting on a little secret I learnt today about the best use' of my trusty AeroPress. She, 'who must be obeyed,' looked at me as if I was confirming my stupidity when we pulled into eh car park and I let her out. She ran briefly, into the centre of the 'green,' then headed for the trees where upon I spent the next five minutes trying to coax her to fetch the ball she had dropped whilst seeking furry creatures. I finally bribed her to bring it back and I sneaked it safely in my pocket. By now the rain was falling at a pace just above steady, a state that persuaded me that retuning to the car was the only sensible decision. I opened the car door and after a circuitous ramble amongst the tress where even the rats had sought more comfortable climes, Perdy decided that enough was enough. Now that I am back home, ensconced in warmth of my little home, I have perused the headlines and have arrived at the important decision that, the world can keep its bombs, political intrigues and I shall spend the day pretending that 'all is well.' That my friends is the state of MY day to be! Now, I shall conjure up a satisfyingly warm meal for tonight, based round a chicken, Moroccan seasoning and chicken.

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