Friday, July 11, 2014

How to tire a Jack Russell!

I have often wondered what takes to tire out a jack Russell, without causing permanent harm to the owner----me! As that little guy on TV form yesterday said---'The plan, the plan!' (Yeah I know---a bit of 'licence apparent here) 1) Get up quite early and let her out for her 'whatever the ell she does outside.' 2) Have my breakfast and throw the ball around the lounge while attempting to eat the said breakfast. 3) Stick her in the car and take her to the park down the road, let her out and chuck the ball down the hill ---the one she always brings back. 4) Have a coffee with a friend then go to another park; this one with a long circuitous route around a large water feature, with added Pukeko (sorry Cathy!) 5) Arrive home only to get a message that you and the Jack Russell are need for a photo shoot. 6) Take the JR into the building, or more correctly, she takes me in---on a leash. they don't want me running around lose after all! 7) Spend the next hour having pictures taken, first in the park across the road from the magazine, then down at the rose gardens where the JR looks everywhere but at the camera and even when she poses correctly, I don't, so it all begins again! 8) We finally wrap up the shoot and leave the photographer to what ever she does best and head on down to the beloved Onehunga Bay. Perdy, the Jack Russell charged her batteries----oh no! 9) Upon arrival at the Bay, she jumps out and demands In thrown the ball with my trusty little 'chucker.' 10) I decide she has had enough, read----'I have had more than my share of exercise!' 11) I encourage Perdy back into the car using my last 'treat,' only to observe her best friend arriving in a car Perdy knows means---'company!' 12) I drag myself around another circuit of the bay, talking with my fellow 'doggie-mum,' passing useful and energetic comments about how the day has gone and what awaits me for dinner. 13) Perdy seems to have found a whole new lease of life and gaily (That word is still applicable in this sense? I suppose it is when one uses that spelling!)gallivants after the ball and playing 'chase me, big boy,' with her mate Finn. 14) The wind increases and the first drops of rain begin to splatter against my sun glasses. (So I wear such devices on a grey day---deal with it!) 15) Perdy allows me to escort her back to the car and after fond farewells, we leave for home. 16) We have been home barely 20 minutes and an Argentinian dear friend arrives. Perdy loves guests. Will she ever---rest!? 17) He leaves after some lovely chat time and an exchange of views, and does she finally give up? HELL NO! She wants me to throw the ball! Can you tire a Jack Russell? I don't know--you tell me!

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