Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shark attack in Onehunga Bay!

Was I dreaming--you know those dreams you have about your worst fears? Those 'can't get away from something chasing you,' or 'drowning,' and the horrible shark attack,' ones. Today had all the aspects of one's worst fears-well OK, maybe it was in miniature. No---it wasn't a Great White' that had broken through the barriers down at the bay, nor was it the 'Son of Jaws,' but for quite a while, I had the sensation of walking around the bay, observing ripples and snatching 'fearful glances of a fin gliding through the shallows, perhaps stalking the duck family who seemed quite unimpressed by the 'menacing' sight. Finally we watched it swimming towards us, increasing in size as it closed upon the bank where we watched safely from a few metres away. Needless to say, Perdy my ever excitable jack Russell just moved her head in her endearing manner and looked at me to see why I was being such a drama queen. This was most definitely not something from the vaults of Wellewoood---no it was a mere metre or less long and it looked like a speckled, finned dog fish--a baby shark perhaps or some other sea going 'fish.' It seemed to be trapped in the out going tide and was either looking for small fish or was disorientated. Well, as the tide receded it was going to be trapped until the next high tide, when the water reached the level of the levees. Shark? Not sure. Did I get a picture? Yes, but even if you up-size it--all you will see is a bit of a fin. I shall attach the picture but I am having trouble loading it. You may have to wait until I get better advice on achieving that. No one died in the writing of this epic!

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