Friday, July 25, 2014

Israel and Hamas agree to a 12 hour ceasfire--then what?

One would need a huge dose of optimism to believe that anything is going to be achieved by this proposed 12 hour 'humanitarian truce'. Past experience points to a breakdown within hours if not minutes, because there is little evidence that Hamas control all of the groups sending rockets into Israel. There is also no sign that Israel intends to stop its occupation of Palestine or allow the West Bank and Gaza to actually operate like real nations; that is one which can import and export, have a harbour and an efficient airport. How can any nation be a reality if its borders are closed and its people living in what is the world's biggest prison? Hamas needs to accept the fact that Israel is a nation, albeit one that needs to negotiate real borders or come to an arrangement whereby areas of 'shared spiritual importance are administered by a 'third party, namely the UN. There is no other solution other than one that involves a permanent state of warfare. Have we leant nothing from the last 60n or so years. A land that was promised to two people can never figure as one, if they cannot agree on the parameters of such a nation. Given that both parties do not accept being together then 'separation' into tow nations with fair boundaries is the only real solution and if that needs to be imposed then so be it. Israel is now acting very much in the same manner as the nation that caused the Jewish people so much suffering in the past. An 'eye for an eye,' will never lead to lasting peace, but nor will sending rockets in Israel work either! it is either negotiate or have permanents war!

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