Thursday, July 17, 2014

It wasn't us, say the Ukrainians and Russians!

The tragic loss of life after the shooting down of a Malaysian plane over Ukraine represents the absolute low point during the recent 'difficulties' between the Kiev Government and those elements seeking some sort of 'independence.' That such events should bring about the deaths of so many innocents should be a wake-up call to the powers behind the struggle in Ukraine. No doubt Russia will point the finger at the Kiev Government and the same from the later towards either the Moscow allied secessionists, or at Moscow direct. We will find out who was behind this abhorrent action and the world should lay the blame formally at the perpetrators. If it was a mistake, then they need to fess up now, but as with past tragedies of this nature, honesty plays a very low part. Now is not the time to make political capital and the airlines of the world need to take a sensible decision to NOT fly through this region. That for now is paramount re any reactions. Now is the time to grieve. Unfortunately the 'blame' and attack phase will soon follow.

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