Thursday, July 17, 2014

Black Box from the Malaysian plane shot down by (?) is on the way to Moscow!

Why do I and no doubt many people feel a fair bit of 'doubt' about the Russians examining the Black Box of the downed Malaysian plane? Given that they already blame the Ukraine government for causing the 'issues' in the region, and add in some of the prevailing attitudes on 'both sides of the 'divide,' would it not have been better to have the UN oversee such a highly emotive and political time? Putin has made it clear; far more so than the USA as to who was involved in this tragic 'accident.' Some of the alleged recordings of separatists military henchmen, have been released and although I do not say they are totally accurate, they do perhaps point to the strong possibility that this was an error, committed by people who do not have the expertise to identify a target before sending the deadly missiles. Russia may yet face increased sanctions as the facts become clear and its plans for the region become increasingly clear. New Zealand had a resident aboard that fatal flight!

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