Saturday, June 21, 2014

Luxembourg---nice to see you reading my blogs! Share my site please!

I love to see new members reading my blogs. I wish that would translate into book sales for ROSKILL. Help me to make that happen my reader(s) in Luxembourg. Just click on like for my site and share it with our friends. If you buy ROSKILL from my website and blog,  as a hard copy, you get a free download onto your Kindle or reading AP. Self-publishing is a thankless task and it is very hard to break into the world of professional book seeling, so doing it on my own is incredibly time-consuming and a matter of building a blog-read space. Having come this far on my journey, means that I am not giving up.
If you are curious about life in New Zealand, including the darker life stories, then read my books. I am of course a positively happy person who believes in the 'hope' that story-telling can invoke. Thank you, Luxembourg.

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