Thursday, June 19, 2014

John Key's 'smartness' is about to backfire---big time!

Watching the smug face of John Key as he contemplated a 'moral' victory over David Cunliffe and the 'leaked letter affair' is enough to make one throw up. The image of him prancing around Washington, making the most of his photo opportunities, and listening to his predictions that he has much more to come on David Cunliffe, led many to believe that he was about to administer the 'coup de grace' for his opponent's career. Things are not quite so simple Mr Key.
IT seems that you are part of a nasty plot and a scheme to withhold information about the whole sorry affair that your MPs were also involved in. I am not saying that the 'letters' that most MPs write for their constituents are all above recrimination, but your holier than thou announcements are nothing short of gutter politics. Yes, I know that Labour is equally capable of following the same path.
WE the voters are sick of the stupidity from all sectors of the political spectrum  that treat us like fools. Maybe we are---for allowing you your second term, but at the time, I guess we didn't know you WE will not make that mistake again. This time, the people of NZ are going to have the opportunity to see the 'real you.' It is not a pretty sight.
 David---step up to the mark and continue to offer policies, not the inane behaviours of the 'soon to be former PM!' Once again, I say---'what goes around, comes around!'

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