Saturday, May 24, 2014

This is my future!---not my 'resting place.'

'What---you are making a large grave?' you say. That's what it looks like, but in reality it is the ground work for my new office; a small, 3mt by 3mt structure that comes within the new rules allowing such buildings on a small site. I am very lucky to have a skilled neighbour who is capable building it for me. I hear that he has brought the materials needed and spent the day, pre-painting some of the timber.
In a few weeks I shall have an opening celebration for my new 'work from home' space and will begin advertising for more clients. For the next few years, I shall keep that number relatively small; it is more about making plans for the future, when travelling 23 kilometres each way to work becomes a bit of a pain. In the meantime the 'office' can also be used for the occasional overnight guest, but don't get too excited, because I need to keep it very Spartan in appearance  as I need it to be 'client friendly--who wants other peoples luggage taking up the space---certainly not my clients.
I shall advertise soon for some clients---they will consist manly of counsellors seeking 'supervision,' and now that I have my qualifications and some clients, I feel confident enough to 'grow' my little business.
A year ago, I would never have considered the possibility of entering a new phase in my career; I did not see a future, as my weight and the related health issues were pointing me in a very different direction; more like the one that I opened my blog with. Now, 45 kilos lighter since my Bariatric surgery and a life that has many more possibilities---well you can read about it in past blogs, things are looking up.
I shall stick up more pictures as the work progressed, bringing my plans for a future full of promise so much closer. Thank you to family and friends who have supported me on my journey---we shall celebrate the new office in an 'appropriate' manner.

The beginning of my new 'beginning,'---my office.

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