Saturday, May 24, 2014

Roast your chicken and next day----do this with the leftovers.

In my house a roast chicken is not actually consumed by one person in one sitting. Surely people don't do that you say---well yes---they do. I have plenty of leftovers these days and I like to find tasty cheap ways to use them. Here's one:
Shred the leftover chicken onto a bowl and combine it with the gravy you may also have saved. If not, then make up an instant version; it's OK to cheat! I added some tinned peas to the mix and some quinoa flakes to thicken it. I just did that because I like typing the word quinoa! You could also use oats or cooked rice,  but they are not so interesting for me to type.
OK--go and get some filo pastry. Using that makes the dish a little more healthy, but as I don't eat so much these days, it sort of is not quite so important.
I used three sheets of the filo and brushed them lightly with olive oil and cut them in half. I lined a muffin tin with the filo and made little baskets because sometimes I feel like I am a basket case. Once again I brushed the filo baskets before filling them with the mixture from the bowl of 'chicken whatever you want mix.'
 I put some cheese (your choice, but NZ cheese is wonderful!--any sort) on top of the mix and then closed the baskets with the overhanging filo. Then I brushed some melted butter into the closed baskets and baked them in a 170C oven for about 30 minutes until golden brown.
Take them out and see if you can 'not' eat them before whoever is dear to you comes home. Of course you could consume them and say--'where shall we go for dinner, dearest?' As long as you have had the extractor on, they will never know and will wonder at your restraint when eating out.
ENJOY!--whichever pathway you chose.
The baskets before filling.
Could you eat them all?

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