Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Greed and the love for money rear their ugly heads for our cricketers--we are not immune in NZ

Corruption is and endemic fact of life in every country to a varying degree. It may take what looks like on the surface, a fairly benign appearance and not be actually observable at all in some economic and political structures, but it is there. We in NZ have often taken the high moral ground, readily casting aspersions on other countries, yet we too are finding that such practices we read about elsewhere, are alive and well here. Don’t look to politicians alone for this; I shall leave that for you to decide as to the level that exists in my country, but the emerging scandal around ‘fixing’ in cricket is both embarrassing and timely. There needs to be a complete clean-out of the practises being alluded to re one of our national sports. One must ask---‘is this also happening in other areas of what New Zealanders love---our other teams? One would hope not. Now is the time to expunge all vestiges of illegal and immoral practices within cricket and elsewhere and until we do---we should not be judging other countries for what we know is so obvious. Time to pull our heads from the sand fellow NZers!

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