Tuesday, May 20, 2014

China reads New Zealand blogs and stories...great!

I am intrigued t see the increasing number of readers from China, now overtaking Russia and all other nations except New Zealand (which is of curse my base) and the USA. ON a monthly basis, China is now third on my reading list. I put this down to several factors: Firstly, China has a huge population and more people are now speak and read English. Secondly, China is increasingly engaging with the rest of the world, both in terms of trade and culturally. It comes as no surprise that China s reaching out at all levels; individually, at Government level and on trade and economic links. It is my belief that this can only be a good thing as the more we are all ‘connected,’ the less chance there is of communication being ‘controlled.’ I therefore welcome this new level of contact between the citizens of China and New Zealand.
I would love to see China downloading my latest book, Roskill, or ordering the hard copy version from Amazon. If that is not possible, just contact me direct at neilcolemanauthor@gmail.com Alternatively, use the website to place your orders. www.authorneilcoleman.com   You can also go straight to the link   http://www.amazon.com/dp/047325655X
Go for it China---and of course my other many loyal readers.

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