Friday, May 2, 2014

Fine Wine Company and walking the dog--is there a link?

Where's he going with this, you may be thinking. Well, there is a link. What better combination is there than being able to walk your dog at a beautiful place and then on the way home call into a reputable wine  (and other products) company to peruse a huge range of quality wines at good prices? I had heard the adverts for ages, re The Fine Wine Company and when I woke up to a beautiful autumn day, I thought, how could I combine the two---take Perdy for a walk and come back with some nice wine?
Now, let me take back to the days when Chardonnays were big and buttery with lovely underlying complex fruit tastes, possibly with a touch of oak. My memory may have lapsed into the area that has possibly combined a few other wine experiences so I could not be sure that capturing the past was going to be possible, but after hearing a description of a Chardonnay that possessed some of these qualities, I felt I had to give it a try, hence my quest to the East.
I took Perdy (my Jack Russell) to  a foreshore walk in Pt. England, next to the sports fields that were busy with kids and their families playing whatever it was. I think it was the 'round ball game!'
We put Perdy on a long lead and off we went. What a beautiful walk along the estuary, with good paths and possibly OK for off the leash. I didn't risk that tough, because there were Pukekos in the fields and I noticed Perdy eyeing them up and the last thing I wanted was a repeat of the experience when Perdy decided to take on  one of those feisty birds a few days ago, down at the Onehunga Bay, ending up near the motorway, with me causing the police to stop and take  a close look at me.
Perdy seemed quite happy to stay on the lead and her reward was to be released on the beach and after a few quick dunkings in the sea, bringing back a stick a few times, she submitted to her lead again and we headed towards Lunn Ave and The Fine Wine Company.
What a professional, unobtrusive welcome. Combine passion, knowledge and damned good personal skills and that gives you a picture of what it is like to visit this huge shop. I came away with two examples of the wine I described at the top of this blog. Costly---well maybe a bit more than I spend at the supermarket, but hey, the new me is into 'less is more;' that goes for my food and my beverages. Is it not better to experience something 'good' or 'special,' and in the long run not actually spend any more than in the days when I went for quantity over quality?
I was struck with the way I was 'looked after,' and left The Fine Wine Company with two bottle of wine, knowing that I can peruse their stock from home online, and either order on the phone or via the Net. I won't be doing that, because I shall be taking Perdy back to the 'estuary or to the Park that is a little closer by the golf course.
What better combination is there for a Jack Russell walker?' Thank you for the great help, Fine Wine Company. I shall be back.

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