Friday, May 2, 2014

Autumn, my favourite time of the year---one of beauty, promise and reward.

The warm days and cool nights of autumn are just that so right for me; I can sleep better, feel great during the day as I take my favourite walks with Perdy and cook the produce from the farms and seas of New Zealand, drink the wine from last years vintage, or older and get ready for the blustery days of the next season. Yes, winter may just be around the corner but for now, I enjoy all that the 'golden season' offers.
Those warm afternoons, that invite you to walk under a sky kissed by fluffy clouds, a sun not bright but just right; by a breeze that cools but doesn't yet chill and a welcoming dew, sometimes punctuated by mushrooms, if you know the secret location.
Take your walks in this bounteous season, forget the sadness from overseas battlefields of sorrow and rejoice in the knowledge that we are far away, down at the bottom of the South Pacific. Yes, just for today, take in the peace before the reality of what life can be like, for so many, scattered in so many places of unhappiness and suffering; man made or nature impelled. You can 'pinch' yourself on the 'morrow.'

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