Saturday, May 17, 2014

Danger lurks in a deepest dark forest, somehwere where you live---beware of more than the trolls!

Well maybe it will just be in the park down the road, but when you take your pooch for a walk (mine was at the park in Blockhouse Bay) just stay clear of the trolls under the bridge and other Middle Earth characters and when you enter the darkest regions of the forest, watchout for the enticingly coloured fungi, because the are capable of sending you to realms unimagined. Even the fairies avoid such 'trophies,' preferring the more mundane but still slightly exotic faire. It was the witches and sorcerers who claimed the golden prize that Perdy warned me of, using them for concoctions for the creation of pure evil. Thankyou Perdy, but I did know about those orange  'perils,' and I shall pick up some harmless little delights from the supermarket and make us a nice omelette for lunch. Your reward?----why another walk this afternoon of course.
Stay away from these!

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