Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cook your own nuts---much cheaper!

Every time you go to the corner shop and buy salted peanuts to have with your favourite drink or just to satisfy a craving, you are paying at least twice much as you would if you do what I do. This is a case of 'do what I say, as it is what I also do!' Make sense?  ---Go and try this!
Purchase some raw peanuts from a bulk bin at the supermarket or better still, try one of those Indian spice shops---they can be even cheaper. I got about a kilo.
Stick some oil in the wok or big pot and throw in the nuts. Keep stirring them and after a minute or so, put as much salt as you like, 'to taste' and in my case I added chilli flakes, a teaspoon of sugar and some paprika. Keep stirring until they become a gentle brown. Remove the wok or pot from the heat and set them aside to cool. Add more salt if they are not to your liking. When totally cool, stick them into an air tight jar and----bring them out impress, or hide them away for those 'special moments.' Yes, Perdy, my Jack Russell, somehow manages to eat them!
Just a little browner, maybe!

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