Saturday, May 3, 2014

China---just for you!

It seems that China is rapidly moving up the board re the readership of my blogs. (You are now third for the month) I can only hope that this is mirrored in the figures for downloads of my book, ROSKILL, which the production team tells me will go live in download form and hard copy in the next week or so. For those who buy the hard-copy from Amazon (I think k it will sell for $US15) you will also get a free download to your Kindle or other reading AP. China, I am hoping that you take an interest in this uniquely NZ story, but one that happens in every country. The problem with families being destroyed by the actions of a family member who is either involved in the production of these elicit drugs or partakes in them is immense. The book is somewhat therapeutic in nature, but it is also a good 'yarn' as we say in NZ. It is often funny; it it will also have you in tears. It is a book that exudes hope, as the love within a family is challenged.  Keep a watch on this site, my Chinese readers and please give me feedback; on the book and the blogs.

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