Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Still learning the 'hard way,' one year on from Bariatric surgery. So, cook a goulash!

Yeah, I should know by now---there are certain things that one does not eat, certainly not in anything other than tiny portions, post Bariatric surgery. I did and paid the price. So, here I am, managing to sneak out to the chemist to get some 'control' into the situation, returning home and---yes, 'things have equalized, but I have that 'run over by the bus,' feeling. I am bored so what do I do. I write a few blogs, rest, then cook up a dish I experienced form the Auckland Cultural Festival, a Hungarian one, non less. I chose to emulate the Goulash, the one cooked over a fire in a cauldron. No, I won't be eating it tonight!
Many of us have cooked Hungarian Goulash; you know the ones that use Magi soup or other packet origin stuff---well this one I researched form the net and put my own spin on it. I haven't got a cauldron; the nearest being in Rotorua, so I settled for my trusty crockpot/slow cooker. (Let's not get into a discussion about then possible differences between  the two.)
I found a packet of shinbone meat in my freezer. I wouldn't use expensive steak in the CP. I chopped up two onions, as much garlic as I dared, chucked it in the pot with a tin of tomatoes, two large Table spoons of tomato concentrate, two large teaspoons of paprika, a chopped chilli, a  diced bell pepper (Capsicum), some chopped mushrooms, a generous pinch of mixed dried herbs, salt, cracked pepper, two teaspoons of extra dried capsicums, (only because I had them) and ---courtesy, free----from the Aussie butcher in Mt Roskill, some pork fat. Now, I await as the CP cooks------slowly----and the smell assails my nose. Damn, I won't be eating it tonight, but from past experience, things cooked in the CP always taste better the next day. There will be a late addition, just before serving tomorrow night--- a generous dollop of sour cream. I am going to serve it with good old-fashioned mashed potatoes and NZ spinach---- the one that self-seeds in my garden.
When I researched 'Hungarian food, it came with a warning. Hungarian food in its traditional form is not for the 'diet conscious!' OMG' you say, 'how can you partake of such food, after suffering form a tummy upset?' Fair point, but of course I won't and when I do, it will be small in size and I did 'alter' the recipe to take out the worst of the 'destroyers'. The pork fat addition was miniscule. Watch for an 'update,' re the final result.

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