Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Zealand citizenship should not be for sale!

Maurice Williamson is a good MP. I know that may sound unusual for me given that he is a National MP, but I am capable of seeing the good in people. Maurice's political career is in tatters after his resignation from Cabinet, all over his dealings with one of those rich wannabe NZers who think they can buy NZ citizenship. Well, it appears they can and it is not just MPs and Ministers from the National Party who have been guilty of 'expediting' the process whereby foreigners can buy their way in to NZ. This has to stop. NZ's reputation as a relatively 'clean' country with little corruption is at stake. We can not speak out against other countries re the corrupt practises endemic in their systems of governance unless we are squeaky clean. Maurice has thrown his future down the toilet with his stupid actions and no doubt other politicians will do the same. Labour can ill afford to claim the high ground but they can make sure that their members do not go down that pathway. Trust is very hard to win back once it has been lost.

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