Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gluten-free, healthy biscotties----date and apricot or any other 'whatever' you chuck in!

I am not well known for following recipes. I  belong to the 'Anicarnisitc School of Cookery; being the only member at present, so come join me. I also regularly cook gluten-free food, not because I am following a fad, but because a family member has Coeliac disease--damn, that sounds terrible---is it a disease or a disorder, but what I do know is that if even a small amount of gluten passes the lips of a Coeliac, then they suffer a great deal and the long term effects are life threatening. So my home has cupboards that are about 90o% gluten free in nature. years ago a diagnosis of Coeliac 'D' meant that getting to purchase the right food was a real mission but fortunately things have changed. Just go and check out the big Gluten Free food shows and the shelves on your local supermarkets and specialists shops and you will see the massive changes. Yes, it is a lot easier now, but I am sure most 'Coeliacs' will tell you they miss good bread, be it white or the healthier full-grain breads.
Going out for a coffee used to mean having little or no choices re that 'slice or cake,' but now there are many cafes that offer a selection, though often limited. Sometimes you just don't want that sweet sickly slice and long for something a little healthier. For me, a post-bariatric surgery type person, and one who only wants a small portion, I love it when I can find a biscotti. But---a gluten-free one? I haven't found one yet, so I decided to come up with a recipe. Here's my version and as with all of my recipes, there is no need to stick closely to it!
1) Get a big mixing bowl.
2) One cup of Quinoa flakes
3) One cup of rice flour
4) One cup of ground almond flour.
5) 3 eggs.
6) About one cup of chopped dried apricots and dates---more if you wish.
7) A teaspoon of cinnamon--or any spice---play here of you feel inclined to experiment.
8) Add any liqueur, if you wish (Re member the alcohol evaporates in cooking!--damn) Miss this step if you OBJECT.
9) Get your hands in and have a good old mix---nothing like hands mixing--add some milk of you think it's too dry. You should have a thick cake-like mix. Yes, you can lick your fingers--no one will know!
10) Push the mix into a baking paper lined loaf tin and push down, to get an even mix. NOTE---there is no sugar in this mix or fat. The eggs provide any raising agent needed.
11) Bake at about 180C for about 20 minutes or until it is 'just' brown.
12) Lift out the 'cake' and place on a rack or chopping board to cool.
13) Slice into fingers, no more than about a third of an inch thick.
14) Place back on the lined tray and bake again at about 80C for as long as it takes for the 'biscotties'
to have that dried out hard texture. It is over to you. If you want tea-dipping ones, bake longer, if you prefer them to be a bit chewy--less.

Let them cool and sore them in a glass jar and place on the shelf where everyone can see your café-style wonders.
IT's NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! I will put some pictures up of my delights, tomorrow!--the biscotties, I mean!

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