Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fred Morgan (of Herb Morgan Tyres) is correct. We are playing with death with worn tyres!

I recently brought new tyres for my little Getz and I spent some extra money and made sure they were really good ones. Why?-----because I want to live and in the end the more expensive ones I(Michelin) last one hell of a lot longer than the budget ones I usually buy. I was quoted that they would last 70,000 KLS and even after travelling more than 10,000 KLS, there was no sign of any wear. I also put Nitrofil in the tyres and OK, the savings there may not be quite so obvious, but I figure that I am travelling about another 30 KLS per tank, but that may also be down to weighing 45 kilos less, post bariatric surgery!
Fred said on TV tonight that many people are dicing with death as they put off changing their tyres, in the belief that they can just sneak in re passing the stringent Warrant of Fitness test, but over the next six months their tyres reach a point where they are no longer safe. Sure they save money in the short term, but then put themselves, their families and others at risk.
But, it's dammed hard out there for families and for those unable to buy new tyres of any sort, never lone the ones I have, and I feel for the many households who are increasingly  marginalized by a 'minimum wage economy and living in a city where 'housing,' whether it be rental or 'mortgaged,' takes up so much of ones income. The decision to buy 'safe' tyres' is often balanced against the need to put 'food on the table.' Welcome to the 'trickle-up economy, folks! Fred---you are correct of course and thanks to you and your friendly team for looking after me and I thank a greater power that I am in a position to follow through on your advice---for now.

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