Sunday, March 30, 2014

The River Always Flows---I had almost forgotten about that book!

I have notice over the last few weeks that some of you are reading some excerpts from a  book I started to write called, 'The River Always Flows.' It was an experiment; a fantasy type book that I felt wasn't going anywhere, so I just stopped. I never sought any feedback,  but perhaps in light of the number of those checking it out, I should. It's over to you---do you want me to resurrect it? Do you want to see more? I am still in the process of re-releasing the much improved version of ROSKILL, and believe me, unless that gets some traction re downloads from Amazon Kindle or hard -copy, I doubt that I will be embarking on any new ventures anytime soon. When one has to pay for digital, stuff, book design, editing and a publicist, then---you get the picture. I will make sure you all know  when the online re-launch occurs.

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