Monday, March 31, 2014

Strange bedfellows, I know, but Kim DotCom and Colin Craig are merging after MP rejection.

The General Election in September this year is shaping up to be one of the more unusual ones, given the machinations re the make-up of the various wannabe alliances. Rumours abound and some facts are begging to emerge. Forget about political honesty and accept that politics is just another word for ‘prostitution, the oldest game in the world, albeit, played out in another forum other than the bedroom!  OK, I know---sometimes the latter is a thread that displays itself in unseemly fashion.
We have the ‘where’s Winston going to throw his not inconsiderable resources---the so-called king-maker? Then there is the prospect of the Mari Party being sent to a place well away from parliament as they struggle to figure out who they are. That they don’t listen to ‘our people’ anymore says heaps about just how close ‘oblivion’ is. It seems that cosying up to the national party may have nailed the coffin firmly shut!
Come forth the new players, one very much so, and the other, finally making it into a full digit number in the polls rather than the decimal portions. Collin Craig, if he can stop bleating about taking people to court for merely stating the obvious, may have attracted a few voters and his position in a the next Parliament could be a reality. God knows (and Collin is very close to God) how he will get on with the National Party. I suspect that JK is in two minds as to how he will mesh with Dear Collin.
Then of course there is KDC. After sitting in his Coatesville mansion for the past few years and lately being the recipient of many visitors, he is manoeuvring to find a back-door into Parliament using some obscure provision in the MMP system, to coat-tail in Parliament; but who with? Why--- Hone of course! They apparently will help one another and then separate once in the chambers. A marriage of political convenience, but one doomed to go down the gurgler, once they face off in parliament. They pretend to have a few linking issues in common, but can you really imagine Hone supplicating himself in any manner to the man from the mansion; the man who can’t actually stand for parliament because he is not a citizen? One does wonder if KDC is just playing a game to delay the possibility of an imminent return to the USA!
There is another perennial ‘boat-jumper in the mix---yes---Peter Dunne. He can change colour to suit any number of possibilities. I bet there are meetings with lots of tea-cups in cafes across the nation. I am sure Peter will come up with a formula to gain yet another few years in the big house in Wellington. He is after all, the consummate fence –sitter, but he has done his best to help resolve the ‘legal high’ issue, even if it is still prevalent on our streets.
Come September, we all have to work out the ramifications of the ‘new boys on the block,’ and given out past record re voting, anything can happen. Find out as much as can about these ‘actors’ and come up with a ‘cast’ that works for New Zealand and not the continuation of big overseas interest groups, gradually buying up NZ. Look to who will address the huge and growing gap between the rich and poor and look to someone who will retune NZ to a place where people really do get a fair go!

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