Sunday, March 16, 2014

The numbers are---terrifying!

I am obviously practising with my ‘headers,’ as on first appearances the one above could be for Syria, the low turnout in Crimean referendum, the chances of finding the lost plane or for some other world event. However, the answer is much closer to home. I am referring to the weight loss journey I have been on for the past year. I wore jeans with 46 inches on the waistband then and today I tried on some jeans that I brought 4 months ago and they were 38 inches---way too big. I looked ridiculous in them so what am I today?  32 inches, the same size I was when I was 18. OK, the tummy is not as flat or tight, but its one hell of a lot better than jumbo me and my health is so much better. Anyone my age considering Bariatric Surgery, should have a real good chat with their doctor. It is not for everyone, but it is a good tool as long as you ‘do as you are told.’ I am happier in many ways and not taking all those pills is wonderful. Hell, some of them were for the side effects of the others. Gone for good I hope.  Now, where’s that shopping list for the good online clothing sites?

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