Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Curve (OLED) TVs, about to come to a place near you. Here we go again!

We are about to get caught up in the ‘Lets’ keep up with the Jones’ debacle yet again, this time over the new OLED (organic light emitting diode) ‘Curved’ TVs. If you only just brought your LED TV, a smart one to boot, then think again, it’s already out of date. I well remember the days, when I purchased my first stereo, only to find that there was always one much better and more ‘significantly gifted’ that were way beyond my means. I also remember first of the plasma screens (they are not going to be making them anymore!) making its appearance at the ‘Big Boys Toys Show’ and it had a huge price tag of about NZ$18,000. You can pick up models that are far superior to that early model for about NZ$600. Call it progress, call it techno-slavery obsession syndrome;’ that’s probably what I had, pouring endless dollars down the electronic toilet.
The new OLED TVs are going to cost about $8000 to start, a figure already down from the December price, and you can be sure that the stores will be pushing them really hard. Don’t throw away your old TV just yet; advice that I must take for myself. I have far too many other ‘items’ that require my dollars, so I shall resist the temptation, but I will take a dammed close look at the new ‘must have’ gadget!

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