Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Norma Plummer---what the hell she done that is so bad as to get this sort of treatment---'threats to her life.'

I can only assume that the ‘threats’ to Norma Plummer’s life are a sick joke, because the headlines I read in the NZ Herald today about an alleged threat to her are simply not part of the psyche of any normal NZer or Australian. Sure, we know that Norma has a particularly ‘straight-up, in your face style of management/coaching, but surely this does not warrant such a low response. That the police are investigating says that someone is taking the threat seriously. The vast majority of NZers are appalled at this response from what I feel is representative of such a tiny minority of NZ public opinion.
Sure, the relationship between NZ and Aussie on the sports field can be highly emotionally charged but put that down to passion and pride. Yes, we sling off at one another in many ways, sometimes taking it to excess and we take every opportunity to put the boot in when we get the opportunity. Australia sees NZ as some sort of little cousin and when we beat them at any chosen sport or for that matter, when we excel , leaving our cousins in our wake in any filed, be it sport, trade---you name it, it gets up their craw, but deep down, when the chips are down, we get behind one another.
We must never let matters go beyond the ribbing and throwaway lines. We are all ‘Australasians,’ living in a part of the world that gives us a sense of identity and a way of life that most of the world envies. Maybe Australia has  a few more ‘threats’ to its security, both from ‘mother nature’ and from events of a more human origin, but the ‘lucky country’ is still our closest neighbour and one who we can rely on for support and brotherhood. Shame on those who would threaten Norma---just get over it---she is a strong, opinionated lady who knows---and GETS what she wants.

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