Monday, March 24, 2014

Egyptian judge sentences 529 people to death---you are babaric in every sense of the word!

I am sadly disappointed at the direction Egypt has taken. All thoughts of a reveal of democracy in this once proud country have dissipated. I knew that the Muslim Brotherhood had issues with democracy and freedom of speech but this latest action on the part of the new regime is nothing short of barbaric. How can Egypt justify such an action? They make the regime(s) they replaced look like benevolent rulers. The promise of the 'Arab Spring' has totally gone. The 'interim' President sits by and lets this happen and he wishes to stand for the presidency in the upcoming elections. Are we going to see a continued slide into a new despotic regime, backed by the power that has always ruled in modern day Egypt---the new Pharaohs---the military!? I feel for those moderate leaders and political groups in Egypt who now have a huge battle on their hands if they wish to see an Egypt rise from the ashes and join the family of nations who value human freedom of expression. I guess the world's attention is focussed elsewhere while the rulers of a 'failed Egypt' get on with returning Egypt to a time when of its citizens suffered through the repression of its rulers. The positions the major world powers play in  this latest example of 'State terrorism' will also come into play. The USA will no doubt back this 'military-dominated government, in the aim of maintaining influence in the region and Russia will espouse platitudes that equate to increasing its reach into the Middle-East. Nothing has changed, it seems, since the demise of the old Iron Curtain. Shame on Egypt and the family of nations that allows such atrocities to continue.

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