Friday, February 14, 2014

Yes, I hate to report, but the damn broadband still drops out, but----

I know---'OH no,' you say'---he's going on about the bloody connectivity thing again! Yes---but it's bloody annoying, especially when I am doing something important. Yes, I do things that are important---I talk to YOU! It drops out at least two or three times a day. So what to Telecom doing about it? Well, I must say---a lot! Every time we company, they (the call centre is in Manilla and I cannot fault their politeness, patience and the energy they bring to the issue) go check it online, go through any issues and they then monitor the line---no not spying; that what the GCSB do! Today, they suggested that we move the cordless phone further away from the modem. Time will tell if that helps. We were also told that it is 'normal' for this to happen, maybe once a day. Mmm--- not so sure about that one----Comments, please people. I intend offering 'clinical supervision via Skype, so you can understand that 'drop outs' are a pain in the arse!
The new website is only days away now, so look out for it and expect a big push from me for ROSKILL. I would love you all to bits if you shared the link and asked your mates to do the same. Help me to beat the 'big boys and girls in the publishing business, Surely the 'little people (well, I am NOW!) can win occasionally. OK, once again---here's the site:

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