Thursday, February 13, 2014

The 'Dear wannabe Leader' summoned the masses and they came forth!

I do not know whether I should smirk, smile or throw my hands up in sheer confusion. Why are so many politicians flocking to hear the words of the ‘man,’ namely Kim Dotcom? Has there been a person in recent memory that has had such an impact on political events in NZ? Has anyone assumed his almost ‘spiritual’ ascendancy? Has anyone sat after his guests have left and laughed his ample tits off so hard? KDC must be most amused at the spectre of these politicians coning to his ‘rented Mansion,’ to hear his words of ‘wisdom.’ Do they depart any the wiser or are they equally confused and embarrassed that they should kowtow to him?
Who is this man who is making an impact on the political biosphere on NZ/ He comes to us with a possibly chequered past. He has been the darling of the media and certain groups who wish to expose the misdoings of Government and he has most successfully embarrassed the later. He has challenged them in Select Committees and watching the reaction of our Prime Minister was indeed amusing.
Perhaps KDC has identified issues that needed addressing; claiming that he is doing this for good reasons. One should not forget his own journey when judging the effectiveness and morality of this big man.  He has expressed an interest in forming a political party and then said that he would disband it if is looking like it does not reach the magic 5% threshold needed in NZ politics in order to gain a seat in parliament (unless of course a candidate of KDC’s choosing gets in on their own by winning an electorate). Of course KDC cannot stand for elections himself, because he is not a NZ citizen. Of course our present PM has also said he would chuck the toys from the cot if he loses too, so maybe they have more in common than they would choose to admit!
So KDC must pull the strings from afar, hoping to get enough support for his ‘team’ in order to gain a foothold in Parliament. That he does so with all of this intrigue is unusual in NZ. He has managed to gather a strange mixture of support, some of it coming from the young and techie world and also from those who would not normally vote. It will be a ‘strained’ coalition of interests and I suggest one that will be difficult to remain cohesive. The actuality of parliament and the real world will sorely test KDC’s ability to hold his party together.

In making my points, I am not saying that Parliament isn’t the place for a party as KDC is proposing, but I do wonder at how someone can lead from a distance; we all know that it is ‘him’ that would be in peoples’ minds when they vote for the ‘clone’ who represents his views.
I can’t wait to see the ramifications once he truly makes his stand. Of course this all may be a moot point, if the present Government gets their way and has him extradited back to the USA! What would his supporters do then?

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