Saturday, February 8, 2014

Leave the Ukraine alone---does everybody need to get their 'bit?'

I guess it is Ukraine's strategic geographic position in a 'sensitive' area of the world that makes it a target for Russia and the USA/EU. Both are doing their best to 'drag Ukraine into their sphere of influence. I do not doubt that Russia will win in the end because it had been poring agents and using other methods for years to gain back it's former subjugated ally from the former Soviet Union. It is quite prepared to use bully-boy tactics just as the West uses other less obviously 'heavy means.'
I suspect that Russia is prepared to go to the edge in order to achieve its aims. Lets face it, Russia never left the Crimea and has been sending in Russian citizens to booster the numbers those who would naturally ally with Russia. All it needs now is an incident that could lead to a full-blown invasion but that will probably not be necessary, as the beleaguered nation pulls itself apart.
Ukraine is a divided nation and the only real solution will probably be one whereby it 'splits' into a 'pro-Russian' sector and one leaning towards the West. Is that so bad? What must happen though is that Ukrainians are left to make that choice for themselves. Somehow, other powers are not going to let that happen, hence more suffering for the Ukrainian people.

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