Saturday, February 8, 2014

I am being 'watched.' Paranoia--the next stage of my 'journey!'

It's true, my every move is under intense surveillance, around the house that is, because outside the home, I can divert the attention, or invite others to take up the slack. Yes, from the time I awake and sometimes when I am asleep, I get this indubitable feeling that my very existence is being observed, traced, learned and then acted upon. The ultimate goal of the 'watcher' boils down to one aspect only. It is quite simple and one that is probably acted upon on a huge scale throughout my wonderful country; I (and you) are being observed, not via satellites and hidden cameras; no, nothing as sophisticated as that, but through the simplistic eyes of a 'being' that loves us. You reckon I am talking about 'God,' I guess and thinking that I have undergone an epiphany of sorts. Nah----it's even more simple and one I know you can relate to if you have a DOG! Yes, I cannot shake the inevitable set of events that begins before I awake to a new day. Perdy, my Jack Russell, just knows when I am not going to work. She figures out that the timing is different and that I don't seem to be in a rush, that I take my time cooking a delectable (bit small) breakfast, that I don't put on my better shoes, that I wear different shorts and T-shirt. She dammed well figures out that a 'walkies' is on the cards,' and I am therefore obliged to centre my morning around her needs. Yes, I (we ) am being stalked in our own homes and no amount of complaining to the UN or any other august body will change it. So---we/me must accept out fates. Let's face it---it is after all entirely in our best interests to get up, get ready and take a morning walk. OK, Perdy---you win---again and for the foreseeable future.May it be a long one.

You are being 'watched.'

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