Monday, February 17, 2014

I shall cross my fingers and hope that the connectivity issue has-----gone!

After my plea to send a techie around to fix the damned connection, one came late tis afternoon. Talk about patience---he went through the set up and moved the location of the modem, doing that he needed to do. He checked, re-checked, went up on the road to see if there were any issues there and   so far---it's all going. If it craps out again, he said call them back and start by saying it is a 'noisy line,' because if that's the case, then the internet will also be having trouble connecting. Time will tell. The techie told me that if I hear a noisy line, then it's back to square one. The cost?-----Free.
It's still working

    It's still working----no red lights.   Can I say it's----fixed?

It's still working!
    I learnt some 'stuff' today.

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