Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A special friend is starting the next phase of his bariatric surgery journey today.

I am on tenderhooks today as I wait for news of the progress of an operation a good friend is having. He is undergoing the same procedure  I had re weghtloss surgery, nearly ten months ago. I wish him the same or even better results than I experienced. I have no doubts, issues or regrets. I miss nothing about the way I was and look forward to seeing a 'great deal less' of my friend but actually enjoy more of his company; doing much more of what we used to do.... walking along pathways in the bush, talking through the problems of the world, laughing as we possibly enter areas of conversation that are 'for our ears only,' before we head home to a 'good feed' of home-grown' and other delectable offerings. Yes, the portion size will be much deminished but our outlook for the future will be one filled with promise. I am thinking of you my friend as you are about to wake up as a completely transformed man.

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