Monday, December 9, 2013

Who needs Ponsonby's Franklin Road when you can have your own little world of light---the solar way!

Franklin Road on Ponsonby is without a doubt a wonderful sight. Take your kids there, if you can get anywhere near it. Wander down the road. It is much better than crawling along behind other cars, hoping like hell that you won’t get rear-ended by some other distracted driver. If it’s all too much, just create your own little world of lights, using the solar option. Yes, here I go again. I have lambasted you with my solar oven stories (and there are lots more to come!) and no doubt mentioned a few times, my solar water heater. If I had been born with a more mechanically sided brain, I would have probably managed to learn to do ‘my own thing,’ completely converting my home to one that is ‘off the grid.’ IN the meantime, I just spend silly amounts of money on my little ‘projects’ and light up my world in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. I don’t need Xmas to base my obsessions on. It’s like that all year!
Now, go and download ROSKILL to your Kindle or other reading App.
They are not candles!
My favourite, especially when I arrive late at night!

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