Thursday, December 19, 2013

The food bill is so cheap now---don't ask about the clothing bill!

Eating out has taken on a whole new meaning for me since the bariatric operation and now that I have stabilized for a month, I am enjoying the new challenges associated with choosing the right balance when I visit food-courts, restaurants and cafes. One thing that has become wonderfully apparent is that the bill for the visit has gone down dramatically. Going to my favourite food-court in Otahuhu (Mason Ave---the one featured in Roskill---check it out on my website and download it on Kindle) costs as little as NZ9.50 and I have enough food for the evening meal and the next night too, in the form of the doggie bag I take home. It is actually enough for three meals, but I share the 'remainders' with Perdy. Her table manners of course betray her for what she is-- a Jack Russell, also featured in Roskill.
Given the new possibilities re my 'eating out budget,' maybe I can explore more exotic and expensive cuisines. Suggestions anyone?

 I could only manage a third of the meal. I think I can afford caviar at this rate!

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