Wednesday, December 18, 2013

If Len Brown goes, are we going to ask/demand that other politicinas in similar circumstances resign?

There is a strong moralistic twinge to the demand that Len Brown resigns, one driven and fed by the media. Take a note of who shouts loudest in this difficult situation. Len has his supporters who want him to face down his detractors and I wonder if they are getting the same 'coverage' and those screaming for his head. I have swung around a bit in the way O think of this issue and have settled on an uncomfortable realization that he going to left side-lined by his council and the next two and  a half years are going to be stressful and possibly untenable for him to be able to drive policy. I am uncomfortable that thing shave come to this stage. If Len does go and today may give us a lead on that, then we are in for another torrid Mayoral campaign.
I know such a campaign is going to cost precious resources, but that is the cost of giving voice to the concerns raised by the events of the last few months. I have no issue with Len putting his name forward again and if those who have hidden in the murk, sniping at his position in every way they can, wish to stand, well we the public should get out and make our decision clear. Then the matter must end.
If we took the same stance re some of our other politicians and perhaps business leaders then maybe what we have witnessed could be understood, but that is not the case. So---if we have a consistent approach and I for one do not want to b ring the 'bedroom' in to political affairs, perhaps there is a way forward. As for any possible 'corruption,' that depends I guess on one's definition of the C word. Those shouting loudest should perhaps take a leaf out the book they most certainly quote from. I shall leave the meaning of my words for you to interpret, just as you/we all have taken our own stances on the whole sorry issue.

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