Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OH no, now the Australians are claiming our iconic bird (THE KIWI) as their own!

Haven't we seen it many times?----The Aussies claiming that which is ours as their own. Remember Split Ends, various race horses and even Russell Crow? Yes, the 'cousins across the ditch' claimed them all. What is it about our lovely Australian friends; that they must flog what is clearly not theirs/ Are they envious? Do they suffer from some innate inferiority complex or is it that they just cannot fathom anything good as coming from New Zealand. They even attract lots of NZers to make the trip, then to become Aussies or Kwasies. Now that the NZ economy seems to be on a more stable footing than the 'lucky country' perhaps we may see a subtle change or am I wrong. Maybe the big country will claim even more of Kiwiana.
Now we have the spectre of the Aussies claiming the Kiwi, New Zealand's' most famous of symbols; one that all NZers are happy to be attached to when they venture overseas. The very mention or image of the said bird is enough to make one's spine tingle when travelling. Some Aussie researcher from Flinders University is now saying that the Kiwi came from Australia, twenty million years ago. He says that it flew here and was related to the Emu, Australia's flightless bird.
I guess having so often extolled the virtue of 'scientific research in many of my other blogs, I have to suck eggs and accept his findings. Of course I cannot help but add, that perhaps the Kiwi knew where it was better to live and to make it's point, it got rid of its wings so that it could not go back to Australia. Hell, why would it want the bush fires, sharks, snakes and God knows what else. The fact that the Kiwi stayed speaks buckets, don't it now!
So now that it appears that the Australian economy is in for a rough ride, maybe will see more birds coming to NZ and ridding themselves of any desire to go back. Maybe we will see pigs flying too!

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