Saturday, November 23, 2013

Try the Shoe Clinic in Sylvia Park for the best service---Thanks Tian!

Today I decided I needed some new shoes. I had almost worn my 'walkers' out since I increased my walking regime and decreased my weight. The soles were looking pretty sad and it felt like my feet were just about breaking through to solid concrete or gritty sand. So---off we went to the Mt Wellington Hub, where we hoped to explore some good options. I didn't want runners or outdoor tramping shoes/boots, just all purpose shoes good for walking. We thought we would try the cheaper stores first, including Hannah's and Rebel Sport. What a total let-down. Yes, the prices were OK, but the help we needed just wasn't apparent, OK, I don't like being bothered by pushy shop assistants but it would have been nice to actually see a friendly face at least offering some sort of help. We dipped out in both stores and decided that although it would cost more, we would go to one of the 'speciality' shops at Sylvia Park.
Walking along in my worn-out New balance Walkers, we came across the Shoe Clinic. First thing we noticed was that it wasn't overflowing with bargain hunters, making a mess of the shelves and taking up scarce seating to try on the shoes. We were approached by 'Tian,' who gently talked me through my options. He measured my feet, had me do some sort of stretching whereby he could judge where I was at from a shoe-fitting-science point of view. He stuck me on a treadmill (that I wanted to take home and then started to fit me with two pairs of New Balance walkers. With the correct inserts and a good pair of socks, I felt like I was walking on clouds. Sure, I paid more than I had intended, but I hate to arrive home only to regret a purchase because the shoes  'don't do the trick.' This time at the Shoe Clinic, I had no such feelings. I am completely satisfied with my purchases and I know that a cheaper option would be bad economics in the long run. Thanks Tian and the Shoe Clinic.

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